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Social Media: How it Impacts You

Social Media: How it Impacts You

February, 2020


In a time where people expect personal service and shop at only the most memorable brands, business marketing has taken a massive shift to meet the needs of both the many and the few. 

Businesses everywhere are turning to social media marketing, and you can too. Those who have adapted to this widespread tactic have made millions, and there is plenty more to go around… 

Never before has there been an advertisement platform in which the receiver could so easily share with others. This is a factor most fail to realize when using social media. See, so many people underestimate the impact that proper social media influence can have on your business. 

Are you making the same mistake?


When done correctly, your loyal following becomes a bull-horn constantly playing advertisements for your business. As does each of their friends who joins and does the same. 

Let’s look at the stats real quick… 

Source: 2019 Social Media Marketing Statistics. 

No newspaper, pamphlet, or even T.V commercial has been able to do that. This is something that revolutionizes the game for businesses and it gets slept on.

Why not tap into that market yourself? Your competitors surely are…

With the majority of people looking to the internet for product recommendations, it is critical to push online marketing strategies. While email lists and Google ads can help your brand gain awareness, social media is where consumers can really connect with your business, making it too important to overlook. 

Whether you have a following yet or not, the tips and tricks were about to tell you are worth reading. Get ready to create online posts that draw people in and highlight what makes your business great!

Getting Started!

If you don’t already have a social media account, you’ll need to register and create a page. Two great platforms to start with are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is a great platform for businesses to write engaging posts, share photos and videos, and link new blog articles or products. If you are looking to have a variety of content featured on your social media page, it is a great place to start! If you want to dive even farther into social media marketing, consider creating a business Instagram account too. With an Instagram account, you can share even more photos and videos with potential customers. 

A social media page should be fun – think posts featuring you and your awesome team at work, or maybe a poll to see what new product people would be most interested in trying (it’s actually a pretty common thing in industry, it’s called Crowdsourcing). 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to increasing interaction with your brand online!

Feel free to take a look at our Facebook page for inspiration! We just set up our page a couple weeks ago, and are in the process of growing our own following. You will see that all of our posts are written to be personable and relatable, but still make reference to the cool upcoming projects we have planned. Though our following is still small, we invite you to use our social media page as a guide for your own Facebook and Instagram accounts, and grow your audience together with us! 

Some Tips Before You Go:

The purpose of building a social media presence for your brand is to create a platform for your personality to shine through your business, so have fun with it!

However, you can make your social media posts work exceptionally hard for you by using these tips:

1 . People Love Pictures!

“A Picture is worth a thousand words…” – Frederick R. Barnard

If you scroll through Facebook and Instagram yourself, you’re probably aware that images grab someone’s attention quicker than words. Always incorporate nice photos or videos into your posts whenever possible to maximize your viewing audience! Plus, include a cool caption that encourages engagement with the photo for even more audience interaction.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important

Social media can have a large, positive impact on your website’s SEO ranking, so take advantage of this opportunity. Add a couple hashtags to your posts that include target keywords, and include links to your website whenever possible. When people interact with links to your website, Google will place your website higher in search results. (You’ll see plenty of these throughout the article, they look like this). 

For those unfamiliar with SEO you should 100% check out our website

3. Make a Posting Schedule (and automate it)!

If you end up forgetting what to post and when to post it, a social media posting schedule can help! We recommend using Google Sheets to create a schedule. With Google Sheets, you can share the schedule with other people in your organization who are helping you, allowing them to add to the schedule as needed. 

Facebook even allows you to create posts in advance and schedule them to be released. 

4. Build Relationships

This is one of the most important tips to remember! Social media is about connecting to your audience, so never forget to remain engaged with them. 

Ask them questions, encourage feedback, and respond to comments constantly. This creates a loyal following, rather than a few sparse likes here and there. Plus, it will give your brand a fun, relatable image. Who doesn’t want that!?


Remember, social media is media that is social…  It gets shared, things go viral, and there has never been a better time to get started.

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