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Which Means your business can easily be found by more people online.

Which Are Important Because being on the first page of Google search results can significantly increase the traffic on your site. More people visiting your site leads to more sales (and $). 

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Which Means  we’ve helped out clients increase sales, build a larger online platform, improve social media interactivity, and smoothly expand their product lines. We work towards real growth, and real success!

Which Is Important Because  growth equals more money for your business. Who doesn’t want that?? 

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Which Means  we’ll automate even the toughest of processes. Managing emails, affiliates, sales, and appointments will become easier than you ever thought possible! 

Which Is Important Because  you’ll save time (and therefore money too!). Running your business should be fun, and now it can be. 

Image result for web presenceWhich Means  your website will always be up on the latest designs, trends, and needs of your audience. People will want to visit, and revisit, your website.

Which Is Important Because  A killer web site can be so beneficial for a business. A stunning, easy to navigate website that people love to visit will bring you more business and lead to more sales. 


Web Presence

Look Great Online

Search Engine

Get Found Online


Automate Your Business



Consulting &

The first step to any masterpiece is a great plan. That is why we begin each of our projects with a prototype. We start by working with you to find the solutions that are best for YOUR business. 


Revising &

We use our extensive network of world-class digital engineers, production specialists, and marketing experts to take the prototype and turn it into an experience you and your clients are GUARANTEED TO LOVE.


Completion &

Once your project is complete we’ll make it live, and give your team personal coaching to make sure they’re efficient with the new technology.  AND, for those looking to really go to the next level, we offer MARKETING and SMART SOLUTIONS.



Excell Marine

This simple and elegant site shows off boat detailing services with a design so captivating, people can’t help but to look. We are integrating other key features too, including a booking service and mailing list, to make connecting with customers even easier.

See for yourself what is possible with a well designed website. We can apply all of these techniques to your own brand too!

Silver Lining

When creating a website for an interior designer, the flow and visual appeal must be PERFECT! We let the cozy, modern design people want to see in their home shine through this website. Take a look for yoursef!

Make sure to use the password: portfolio
In order to view the site.

St. Paul Lutheran

This site shows just how far our deep understanding of the tech world reaches. Everything on this site is automated, from YouTube live streams, to auto-updating calendars on the site which sync with the staff’s schedules, and much more.

Take a look at how fantastic your future could be, you owe it to yourself.

Top Shelf

"After bad experiences with other web firms, we were wary. But Tech and Mech came through big time. We have a top-of-the-line website and eCommerce store, complete with brand ambassadors and more. Our customers love it, and so do we. Plus, they automate everything, making our business lives a breeze."
Nick Giovannetti

Hair by Sys

"Having the T&M team build my company's website was a great decision. Not only did I get a beautiful site, I also got a team. The T&M staff are people I feel I can call for any solution. They're honest, upfront, and just generally great people to work with!"
Sys Strobis

Salt of The Earth Therapy

"I have a website my clients love, and a team with me every step of the way. Tech and Mech made it easy for me to get going and growing with my new Salt Therapy center, and I can't wait to take the next step with them to grow into a franchise."
Pamela Martyna

Gilson Coaching

"I couldn't imagine working with another tech team. These guys are AMAZING. Every step of the way I know I can count on them and the family environment they promote is like none other.
Amy Gilson

The Transitioning

"Veterans are a tough crowd to please. It takes a real understanding of people to not only make something usable, but also make it something that people feel a part of. And that's just what T&M did. We're helping more soldiers make the transition to civilian life than ever before, and we couldn't have done it without our awesome tech family."
Kelley Reault



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